Increasing Your
Probability of Success

4 ways we help Founders
At No Cost


Spend less time finding the right mentors and best connections.


Get your board really working effectively for you.

Top talent

Improve your leadership skills to motivate and retain top talent.


Engage with a community of other founders and mentors to share learnings on advanced topics and boost your emotional resiliency for the long run.

Sooooo many things have to go right for your business to thrive and survive. There are lots of qualified people and organizations who can help with your go-to-market plans and your fundraising strategy. We focus on making some of the stickier human stuff flow more smoothly.

It takes more than relevant experience to make a great mentor.

Most founders are looking for the wrong things in a mentor.

Sometimes you need someone with exceptional listening skills, empathy, and a broad base of experience to help you figure out what “relevant” really means (HINT: it’s more than just industry or functional skills).

At our Mastery level we put you in “live fire” exercises with multiple mentors to help you get a better understand what you really need and then help connect you to the people who can bring it to you. Then at our Leadership Network level we pair you with a team of effective mentors and other founders who together walk the path to success, helping each other along the way.

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How do you run a great board if you’ve never even been on one before?

Every meeting should leave you feeling supported, challenged, and energized

We give you a series of self-guided training sessions on how to recruit, run, and get the most from your board. Plus lots of group discussions with experienced board members and other founders so you can learn from the mistakes and brilliant moves they’ve made.

And you’ll likely meet some pretty special board candidates in our network.

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Are you the best leader you can be?

To win in today’s brutal talent wars you need to be at the top of your game.

There’s no single model of leadership that works for everyone. But there are some things you can do to raise your effectiveness as a recruiter, motivator, and enabler of talent.

The combination of our self-guided training and group discussions with both accomplished and emerging leaders will help you more clearly see your path and level-up your skills. Then lean on the group to help with honest feedback and accountability for progress in a safe environment to make mistakes.

Getting beyond the basics

It’s like a self-guided MBA for founders

You’ve got the basics - product/market fit; CLTV/CAC; fundraising strategy; etc.

Now dive deeper into advanced topics like negotiation skills, conflict resolution, cross-border partnerships, strategic pricing, and much more. Then join a discussion on topics most interesting to you and further explore your questions and circumstances with people who’ve been there before.

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Are we a match?

Here’s a quick self-test.

As we continue to build the Entrelliance network, we are being careful to expand our competency zones in a deliberate manner. So we can’t serve every founder (yet). But we are ready to help today if you are:

  • Early stage – PreSeed-to-A stage with a product and some early customers or trials happening but not quite scaling revenue growth yet.
  • Founder and/or CEO.
  • A learner, eager to grow and develop as a leader. (Obviously if you have things mostly figured-out already you don’t need our help ☺).

If you can check YES next to each criteria, please connect with us. We are likely to work very well together.

And It’s All Free?


Everything we described above is available at NO COST to founders who want to engage and learn and grow. It’s all part of our Mastery level program. There is NO OBLIGATION to incur ANY cash or equity cost EVER.


Live-Fire events allow for live Founder interaction with global mentors on a specific topic that you pick


Our global MentorFind and DirectorFind databases to contact people who can help with a guaranteed response.

If You’re Ready to Engage…

Just click the button and share some information about yourself and your company and we’ll help you get started today.