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It’s easier to raise financial capital than to unlock human capital. Our non-profit approach helps startups succeed at a higher rate and deliver more economic and social benefits to founders and their communities.


70% to 80% of Startups
Will Fail in Less Than Five Years.



Investors still win as the “risk” is baked into their portfolio strategy.

Money drop

Founders (and their families) lose a chunk of their life savings and incur a huge opportunity cost in the prime career-building stage of their life.


Communities lose $billions in economic opportunity through job insecurity, workforce mobility, the lack of emerging leaders, and philanthropy.

Startups don’t fail because they run out of money. They fail to find commercial viability before skepticism overtakes optimism.

Everybody has a plan…

until they get punched in the face.

- Mike Tyson - boxer and philosopher


The root cause of failure is NOT lack of capital; it’s lack of experience and taking too long to find:

Evidence of product/market fit
Technical or clinical evidence
Proof of scaleable economics
Supply chain reliability
Delighted, reference-able customers
Talent suited to the needs
Success in leading high-performing teams

We help founders:

Train Better

Fight Smarter

Build Resiliency

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Our Solution

We improve startup success rates by accelerating the development of human capital:

Connecting founders with experienced, effective mentors – and enhancing the effectiveness of those mentors so knowledge and experience transfers happen more quickly and relationships are more productive.

Helping founders build stronger boards of directors to ensure they are better able to identify and serve the true needs of the company.

Providing leadership training to Founders and their teams to help them attract, motivate, and get the most from top talent in challenging labor markets.

Giving community leaders access to tools and programs to help them build more local success by accessing global resources.

We help Founders & Mentors get better faster,
realizing more rewarding returns on their time and energy through:


Insightful research

Skill building

Interactive skill-building


Community conversations


Curated relationships

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We’re NOT An Accelerator, Incubator, or Startup Studio

We exist to help make all those programs better at producing sustainable startups.

We partner with accelerators, angel investing groups, and early-stage VCs to make mentorship more impactful, boards more effective, and founders more capable.

Our research and training focus exclusively on those things. We leave the core of founder education and capital raising to partners so we can concentrate on building stronger human capital solutions with no conflicts or redundancies.

What You Get

Our foundational programs are available at NO COST to Founders, Mentors, and Partners.


Dive into our training on how to identify, select, and work effectively with the right mentors so that you can get more value from the time you spend talking to them.

Engage in small group interactions with highly experienced mentors who bring great listening skills, empathy, expertise, and a vast network of warm intro connections.

Learn to build and manage a more effective board and advisory network so that you can expand your super powers as a founder by leveraging others’ experience and networks.

Gain access to our global network of other carefully-curated mentors, experts, and board candidates so you can save time in finding the right people.

Unlock your full potential as an effective leader with our coaching practice and get more results from the talent pool in your company.

Explore our advanced topics sessions on critical skills like negotiation, conflict resolution, partnership development, and more.


Contribute as part of a team of carefully-screened expert mentors with complementary experiences and increase the likelihood of getting a great “return” on your time/effort.

Thrive in our group discussions, training, and tools to help unlock your maximum effectiveness as a mentor and increase your enjoyment.

Join an “Alliance” of 4-6 founders plus 20-30 mentors working closely as a team over a longer period of time - all with a shared stake in the upside.

Access our exclusive Mentor-Find and Director-Find tools for complementing your network of resources around the world.

Leverage our network connections to hundreds of other top-tier mentors and experts worldwide who bring complementary business experience and life perspectives.

Enjoy opportunities for attractive board and advisor roles with promising early-stage companies.


Let us help up the game of your founders and mentors so you can improve the value of your programs and portfolios.

Use our expanded mentor network to find the expertise and connections to complement your current capabilities and better support your founders.

Lean on us to help improve the effectiveness of boards and governance for your portfolio companies.

Depend on us to help make your founders better trained and more capable leaders.

Help your community and others like yours around the world benefit more fully from the economic and social benefits of more successful startups.

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No Brilliant Jerks

Just Extraordinary Impact from “Ordinary” People

Here you’ll find no celebrity mentors spouting solutions in a 20-minute meeting. Instead, we offer hundreds of incredibly experienced people around the world you may never have heard of. People who have all built very successful businesses, and who are drawn to offer their expertise and connections within our unique culture and approach rooted in:

  • Engagement
  • Transparency
  • Working in Teams
  • Active Listening
  • Situational Analysis.
  • Empathy and Vulnerability

Your Donations Make It Possible

Our efforts plus your donation works to build more sustainable startup companies in communities around the world and in your backyard for generations to come.


covers the costs of one startup going through our foundational Mastery program, or one mentor participating in our “live fire” training and feedback sessions.


enables another training module in our advanced curriculum library for founders (I.e. leadership, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, etc.)


enhances our tools to help match founders with the right mentors around the world.


helps fund our research into new techniques to pragmatically and effectively unlock the “trapped” value of human capital.


expands our outreach to more communities around the world to help ensure that founders from anywhere all have access to top-tier mentorship.


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