With Your Experience, You Could Mentor Anywhere

But you’re here, so maybe you’re sensing a desire to get more value per hour invested.


Focus on the types of opportunities you’re best suited to.


Brush-up on how to share your experience and insights most effectively.


Work in teams alongside other experienced mentors to bring more rounded perspective to founders and share the load.


Connect with other top-tier mentors around the world.


Find opportunities for board and advisor roles.

And it’s all available at NO COST to you.

Opportunity + Preparation = Great Value

It takes more than relevant experience or a personal connection to make a mutually-rewarding experience.

We attract quality founders from around the world and hold regular “live fire” mentoring sessions so you can jump in and determine which types of opportunities are most rewarding to you.

Come soak in some of our well-researched tools and methods for mentoring effectively and benefit from valuable feedback on how you can continue to excel at helping founders unlock the path to success.


It Takes a Village to Raise a Successful Company

You’ll find our village at the intersection of culture and competency

Our mentors are carefully-selected from around the world with not only incredible depth and breadth of experience and expertise, but high levels of self-awareness and a true “growth mindset”.

No celebrity mentor drop-ins; no brilliant jerks. Just ordinary people who’ve achieved extraordinary success sharing their insights with a true commitment to engage and help founders grow.

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Share in the Work. Share in the Rewards

Mentors deliver great value and deserve recognition

Whether you mentor for the “thanks”, the pleasure, the feeling of giving back, or the possibility of sharing in the upside value of your interactions, we help you maximize the value you seek.

There’s a Meaningful Role for You

Looking for a deeper board or advisor role? We can help.

When you’re ready to concentrate your mentor work more deeply with 1 or 2 companies, we can surface such opportunities and help you gauge the potential fit.

And It’s All Free?


Everything we described above is available at NO COST...

...to mentors who want to engage and learn and grow. It’s all part of our Mastery level program. Once you nail the principles, you can join the Leadership Network - an even more selective group of founders and mentors who operate at a higher level of effectiveness.

At that level you get access to:


Live-fire events where Founders post a topic they need support in and you get to choose


Recognition as one of the top-tier mentors or board members worldwide.


Direct access to our global MentorFind and DirectorFind databases and ability to contact people with a higher priority and greater likelihood of response and engagement.

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What’s the Catch?

Uh, none. Really.

No strings attached. We’re a non-profit organization. So we are only able to deliver these things through the generosity of our donors and corporate partners.

If you like what we’re doing, we’d appreciate a donation to spark our continued research and innovation.

But if your experience and connections are all you’re prepared to offer, we’re happy to have those as part of our network too.

Ready to Engage?

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